Why SAFETANK needs to be on your options list

Solves the major Grey Water problems in Caravans: SAFELY

  1. Extra weight of the added grey water tank?
    SOLVED... Saves on average 15kg due to not needing a second tank.
  2. Caravan Stability Issues?
    SOLVED... The grey water is returned back into the tank from which it came. No movement of vast amounts of liquid weight from the axle group to the undesirable locations (usually to the rear of the van).
  3. Restricted Space under the chassis?
    SOLVED... A single SAFETANK, capable of holding up to 90ltrs of grey/fresh water is no larger than an 84ltr moulded plastic tank
  4. Construction?
    SOLVED... Constructed from 2.6mm marine grade aluminium and Double, Heavy duty, food quality liners. Stringent quality control involves maticulous testing at every stage of manufacture, along with dozens of tanks in "Real Lif road testing over hundreds of thousands of kms, including some of Australias most notorious and harshest Outback tracks. Many times stronger than cheap plastic tanks.
  5. Installation?
    SOLVED... Standard dimensions 120cm x 55cm x 20cm
  6. Cost?
    SOLVED...A single SAFETANK costs about the same as a similar sized fresh water and grey water tank combo installation.

Choosing SAFETANK as an OEM option is a no-brainer.