1.  Turn on your tap or shower, fresh water comes out.

2.  The used waste (grey) water, runs down the drain and is stored in your tank.



If you want to get the most out of your SAFETANK, you really should read the next bit. Also, some important safety stuff is covered regarding how this new invention works and the safety surrounding grey water storage.

Trust us…Its REALLY important.







Your SAFETANK operates differently to every other tank. There’s a couple of things you should know.

1.    Your Safetank MUST be fitted in accordance with the installation instructions.

2.    Both the Fresh water and the Grey Water fill and empty from the BOTTOM of the tank. (Trust us, it works better)

3.    Your SAFETANK is designed to be transported and used in a FILLED or totally empty condition.

4.    You need to make sure that the Grey Water filler/waste pipe (40mm), slopes DOWN towards the waste valve. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. (see installation instructions)

5.    For the first couple of uses, there will be a slight plastic taste and smell to the stored fresh water. This is normal and is a result of the welding of the bladder in manufacture.

We suggest you flush it through a couple of times using a dash of vanilla essence.

It should fade away fairly quickly.

6.    When you are camped in a place where you are connected to mains water and sullage, you can bypass the Grey tank by simply opening the outlet valve attached to your sullage hose.

When using ANY Grey water storage, you must remember that EVERYTHING YOU PUT DOWN YOUR SINK AND SHOWER will be stored there. It WILL eventually turn toxic if it is left there. Flush any grey tank regularly!!!


You can minimise risk in 2 ways.

1.    Control what goes into it.

a.     Don’t pour food scraps down your sink. Use a strainer to catch any little bits of cutting board waste etc.

b.    Minimise the amount of bodily soil in your shower. (Don’t pee in the shower)

c.     Rinse off any sand, excess dirt etc BEFORE showering. This is very important with the SAFETANK, as sand is very abrasive and may damage the outer bladder.

2.    Add 2 capfulls of White King or similar, to the first 2 litres of sink water each time you start using the Grey water storage.

When cleaning the shower: most brands of shower cleaner contain corrosive chemicals. These will shorten the life of the bladder. Using diluted vinegar or the “Earth” range of cleaners will prolong the life of your tank and still provide a good result.

Grey water should be stored for the MINIMUM time possible.





Inside that strong, shiny welded box, there are some things going on.

Firstly there is a DOUBLE bladder. That is; there is one bladder inside another. The INNER food grade bladder is housed within a second, heavier PVC bladder to give a double layer of protection between the fresh water and the grey water. In between these two bladders is a solution of detergent. This is designed to leach through any breach of the bags and act as a warning of possible contamination. Upon any sign of detergent in your fresh water, stop using that tank immediately.

The Bladders are designed to be oversize for the tank so as to completely form to the outer tanks dimensions. However, we have built in a grey water reserve which allows an extra 5 litres of dedicated grey storage.

The bladder, is only anchored to the bottom of the tank at the fill/empty outlet. The rest of it is anchored to the top of the tank, allowing it to expand downwards on filling, then float upward, as the fresh water is used and turned into grey water.

This serves two purposes:

1.    It ensures the body of the bladder is always higher than the outlet, allowing for maximum use of the fresh water.

2.    By floating the bag above the grey water, the risk of abrasion damage from solid contaminants on the bottom of the tank is minimised.


The Safetank is designed as a combination fresh/grey water storage system.

It works best when used as designed.

Flush and sanitize the grey water storage regularly.

The fresh water bladder will empty more completely if the grey water tank is used.

ALWAYS sanitise your pipes and tank at the end of each use. This applies to ALL grey water storage systems.

There you have it folks.

It’s simple and if you follow these few directions, your SAFETANK should give you years of trouble free service.

ALSO….. We have a “NO ARGUMENTS” policy as to warranty claims caused by material or build failures.